May 31, 2013
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illuminimal//iIlumifeet - Exclusive Core77 Feature

I’ve been following Core77 for years now, and I’m incredibly honored to have written an exclusive feature for them, reflecting on the process behind illuminimal and illumifeet.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

We worked full time upstairs during the day, and then in the photo studio into the night. Not once did it feel like work, and on a couple of occasions, I stayed up all night out of excitement for the project. There was no money or fame involved, just a shared passion for making something we were really excited about.

Read the rest of the post here, on Core77!

Apr 26, 2013
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The start of a new chapter

I’m excited to share that I’ll soon be leaving JDK to start a ‘solo career,’ as Craig Winslow II. I’ll be pursuing new mediums, innovating existing ones, and most importantly, collaborating with others.

Welcome to my new studio space.


'illuminimal' hitting Gizmodo was huge for me, and the amazing response gave me the confidence and clarity to start my own path. 

My last day at JDK is May 17th, 2013. 

This date exactly 3 years ago, May 17th, 2010, a week fresh out of Champlain College, I started as a JDK LAB intern working on digital production of Burton snowboards. I thought it a fitting date to start my next chapter; it’s truly been a wild three years.

Do more, go more.


Expect rolling changes to over the next month; there’s a few more announcements up my sleeve.

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Apr 3, 2013
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Footwear projection mapping project performed live using a pair of Merrell Bare Access 2 and a pedestal.

An in-depth making of will be posted here in parts, but for the time being, here’s the previous process posts:

Mar 25, 2013
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Illuminimal - Brief Recap


First things first, the performance of Illuminimal went very well. As my first full projection mapping project, I’m very proud of how it turned out.

So, posting daily updates clearly didn’t happen through the end of last week. Late nights, early mornings, and an all-nighter on Thursday kept me busy enough to realize a few hours talking about my progress was the least of my concern; the clock was ticking. 

I think it’s important, and hopefully interesting, to share the process of what I work on, but when the project requires full attention, there’s often no time to reflect-on-the-fly. I stuck to sharing quick blips on instagram, thoughts on twitter, and I came to the following conclusion:

I realized it’s far better to work on a project than to work on talking about said project.

Over the weekend, Mike Deedy and I shot some more footage, and following an epic day of snowboarding on Sunday, I put together a rough cut of the video. I definitely forgot how much I enjoy editing.

Speaking of, I might just need to edit a longer cut of my 1-minute west coast trip video from almost exactly a year ago…

The Illuminimal video should be online sometime this week, followed by a series of deeper making-of posts that break down elements of this project I haven’t touched upon. Very excited to share.

Mar 19, 2013
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Illuminimal - Content Creation & Mapping Madness


Being in the creative “what if?” phase of any project is exciting.

What typically follows, are all of the logistics necessary to actually execute the project, which often puts a strong damper on the excitement had for the idea from the beginning.

This mapping project has been the reverse; deciding to first tackle all logistics/planning/setup/hard stuff, has put us in a position of flowing creativity and most importantly, rapid execution.


Shown above, an audio breakdown helps us storyboard and ideate.


After building a template for the projection content (concept template, above left, current template in action, above right), Josh, Jeff and I can very quickly create content, and using a shared Dropbox folder, see it on our dimensional canvas within seconds.

In other news, I’m now a proud owner of both Modul8 and MadMapper, programs I’ll be using in tandem with each other to perform this live and make sure it maps cleanly.

I’m exploring a few other 3D tools as well, such as the BLAM camera calibration toolkit for Blender, and Mapamok by Kyle McDonald, to synchronize a camera in Blender to the exact point of the projector in the real world. This part is definitely more difficult than I expected, but once I smooth out the logistics, it’ll make creating 3D content/lighting for it all that more exciting.

Moving forward, I’ll be aiming for daily blog posts leading up to the big finish this Friday, March 22nd at 4pm. My good friend and fellow Champlain College Alumn Mike Deedy will be filming it, so expect ‘Illuminimal’ to drop early next week on the interwebs.

Mar 16, 2013
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Illuminimal - Projection Setup

Last night, I spent a while setting up the projector, making sure it was tightly mounted it to an armature on a vertical pole. Jeff came in and we strung up both shoes into position with fishing line, using four contact points to ensure each hangs in just the right spot.

Earlier last week, I carefully wrapped each shoe with white tape, and then spray painted them matte white. This makes for a consistently even, bright surface to project onto.

Here are some shots of the space last night:

The video tested in the last image is from making-of footage of the MINT shirt box, which I’ll eventually edit and get on vimeo!

Our projection canvas is set… Much more to come this week, leading up to the performance/presentation, this Friday!

Mar 4, 2013
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Illuminimal - Footwear video mapping project

For a few weeks now I’ve been excitedly researching and planning a projection mapping project, using a pair of Merrell running shoes and a pedestal.


There will be sound-reactive animations, colorway collaborations (with Josh Franklin and Jeff Yeager), and 3D elements, all performed live to music using an iPad with a custom TouchOSC interface as a controller. The project is scheduled to be shown at JDK's staff meeting on March 22nd, filmed, edited, and shared online shortly after.

With less than three weeks to go, March is going to be a busy month.

All of this is a giant, creative, learning experience, so I’ll be documenting with regular updates throughout the process.

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