Dec 17, 2013
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INST-INT 2013 – Recap Series Intro


Last month I travelled to Minneapolis to attend the first INST-INT, a gathering focused on sharing insights + experiences from the field of interactive installation. Weeks have passed and I’m still reeling from the great conversation, huge inspiration, & brilliant minds I connected with. 

I was fortunate to share my own work, both Growth and illumifeet, during a limited Show & Tell portion of the conference to a room filled with talented & inspiring people. 


The conference organizers are beginning to roll out some quality speaker videos so I won’t recap all the talks. Every speaker was fantastic in their own way, so I’ve decided to focus on a few distinct themes from the conference that impacted me most.

I’ll be sharing these reflective posts as a three part series over the next few days.

Part 1: Break/Embrace Medium Limitations

Part 2: Blending Reality

Part 3: Magic vs. Seams

Stay tuned!

Nov 14, 2013
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INST-INT in Minneapolis this weekend!


I’m incredibly excited to be in Minneapolis this weekend attending INST-INT, “a gathering focused on sharing insights + experiences from the field of interactive installation.”

Not sure how I could better describe a conference I’d want to go to.  


The conference is limited to 250 attendees, with single-track presentations given by Kimchi and Chips, Disney Research, Random International, Universal Everything… it’s essentially a room full of amazingly talented individuals who inspired me to do what I’m doing today.

There’s also a Show & Tell portion for attendees to stand up, and you can bet I’m jumping on the opportunity to share Growth and illumifeet with everyone.


Nov 13, 2013
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Pathogen - Launch Party Projection


I created this floor projection last Friday for the launch party of Pathogen, an award-winning, revolutionary strategy game now available on the App Store.


Congratulations to Birnam Wood Games on a successful launch!

Oct 14, 2013
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Design Week Portland - Unthinkableism

Last week I was in Portland, OR collaborating on a talk for Design Week Portland entitled ‘Unthinkableism is now,’ given by Michael Jager of JDK Design


In a time of great evolution for the studio, it was inspiring to work so closely with Michael Jager and very talented design director Allison Ross to compliment such well thought-out content with simple, engaging visuals.

Jager’s themes throughout the event were about the future of the design world and the necessary transition from a closed gestalt (one large multi-discipline studio) to an open gestalt of creative collaboration across a network of talented groups of individuals.

If you’ve read my xoxo reflection post, you’ll know that this theme of independent togetherness has been a recurring theme I’ve felt, which is in part why I was so motivated to work on this project.

That, and to create a memorable, impactful, Design Week Portland experience.

Photos by Issac Marchionna.

Oct 4, 2013
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Growth: Art Installation Powered by Leap Motion


Imagine walking into a room and creating a virtual forest in the air. Earlier this month, Vermont-based artist Craig Winslow debuted Growth at SEABA’s South End Art Hop. The original 3D-projection mapping experience put control into the fingertips of onlookers, and garnered great feedback from participants. By using Leap Motion Controllers, Winslow gave people the power to move their hands in the air and manipulate digital vines, branches, and beams of light cropping up against a stark blue sky.

Growth is a project created to illustrate the daily personal impact we have upon our environment. Winslow says he used Leap Motion’s technology to bridge organic human input into the digital world.

“Embracing the natural way we would expect people to interact with the device, we made slow soothing movements augment lighting, while aggressive swipes brought in black recursive animations,” Winslow says. “Leap Motion amplified the story we were trying to tell, as the viewer’s human interaction contributed to impact dynamically on the installation.”

Light and color are the core mechanics at play in the piece. Winslow and his collaborators programmed color variance to be reactive to palm positioning – transforming the Leap Motion Controller into a powerful tool for color depth exploration. Dipping into blues and reds, “it was fascinating to disrupt the world until you reach a dystopian darkness, until your hand becomes the only light within a strong silhouette.”


Winslow also programmed the installation with discoverable gestures to encourage his audience to use their imaginations.

“The most powerful moment for me was seeing a mother and her two boys interact with complete awe. Once they knew they were in control of the experience, they waved their hands, wiggled their fingers – but in a very respectful way. It reminded me of a quote by Robert Irwin I was told near the beginning of the project, which influenced our intent more than I knew:

“‘You can’t plan nature; you court her.’”

The design concept behind Growth is one that Winslow and his collaborators would like to iterate and expand upon in the near future. They believe the Leap Motion interface carries huge potential for enabling human interaction to dance the line between the physical and the digital realms – to illuminate a world and modify its perceived reality.

You can learn more about Craig at

- - -

Thanks Leap Motion for this great feature post!

I must also extend huge gratitude to Growth’s talented collaborators mentioned:
Alana Aviel (Concept Artist/Designer) 
Coberlin Brownell (Creative Technologist)
Justin Kuzma (Interaction Developer)

Oct 3, 2013
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XOXO - Recap & Reflection

Two weeks ago today, I headed to attend the opening party at XOXO, an experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology. I decided to make it an extended trip to Portland, OR, and from 9/14-9/24 I checked out the city, spent time with old and new friends, and filled my face with delicious, delicious food.


The number of attendees for XOXO was limited, curated by a simple application process to ensure everyone attending were makers-of-things themselves. This created an intimate, positive vibe, which allowed for better conversation and connections made, because you knew everyone there was passionate about making something, and as it turns out, have felt similar challenges.

It was fantastic, and painfully eye-opening.


Being an independent creator was the common thread that tied everyone together, and with it came stories of shared struggles.

Even a couple weeks later, I’m still reeling from the great talks, conversations, and experiences I had. Since then I’ve felt inspired, motivated, confused, scared, nervous, and excited all rolled into one.

While my brain struggled to figure out what I was feeling, I read this fantastic XOXO recap by Frank Chimero titled ‘
The Inferno of Independence.’ At one point, he quotes Hugh MacLeod: “The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness.

Frank calls bullshit, because while there are lone wolves, there are also
wolf packs. This idea helped me contextualize the loneliness of independence and realize the strength behind not trying to do it all alone. (Plus, I love the awesome individuals I consider part of my wolf pack.)


Eat the donuts" was another phrase that rippled through XOXO from a talk by Maciej Ceglowski of Pinboard. Accept help from others and offer help when you can. I so desperately and impatiently want to be comfortably independent, but it takes hard work and time. There is no shame in accepting help. Beyond that, it’s far more empowering to be part of a supporting pack in independent togetherness.

"If you’re living your dream, you need all the help you can get. Dreams are hard, and much too much work for just one person alone."
-Frank Chimero

XOXO opened my eyes wide. Now I push forward, looking at what my next steps are in this independent, freelance life, and what I truly want to accomplish.


Immense thanks to Andy Baio & Andy McMillan for organizing an experience with such important positive impact.
Sep 19, 2013
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Very excited to share this interactive immersive experience I worked on with Alana Aviel, Coberlin Brownell, & Justin Kuzma!

Contribute to a living environment & realize the power of your gestures.

This 3D projection mapping experience places the viewer within a world they interact with & modify. The journey suggests a cause & effect to represent the impact we can make on the world around us.

Sep 7, 2013
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Last night’s debut of Growth


Contribute to a living environment & realize the power of your gestures. You are the interaction.

The Growth experience places the viewer within a world they interact with and modify. The journey suggests a cause and effect to represent the impact we can make on the world around us.


The above image documents a particularly impactful moment for me.

Seeing a child in complete awe of their own interactions, was enough to make all of the hard work, struggle, and stress over the past few months from taking this new career leap completely worth it.

Thanks so very much to everyone who Art Hopped on by last night, and a massive thanks to the team of dedicated collaborators: Alana Aviel, Coberlin Brownell, and Justin Kuzma.


Growth will be up the rest of this weekend in Burlington, VT for Art Hop!
Come by and experience it for yourself! Or, check out the video!

Sep 5, 2013
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Growth Structure Construction!

The structure went up quicker and better than we imagined! 

Measure thrice cut once proved to be very useful.

To optimize construction, I devised a guide to assemble each ‘island’ to the next. These ‘islands’ are groups of 4-6 triangles, so we only 10 large sections to put up, instead of an overwhelming 42 similar-looking pieces.

This is a technique was inspired by experience with unwrapping UVs for texturing models in video games.

It’s all coming together quickly! Tomorrow’s the night!

Aug 31, 2013
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'Growth' installation progress


Here’s our location for Art Hop! We’ve made great progress over the past few days. With exactly one week remaining, there’s loads left to do, and I’m determined to document the process. Expect a steady stream of updates this week between this blog and the facebook page.


After finally discovering light painting today, I decided to mess around and imply the sculpture form within the space. Sure, I can just photoshop the 3D model into the space, but that’s much less fun.


Justin killed it today with numbers, math, and code within Processing. Tomorrow we should have the foreground sculpture’s base functionality going strong, allowing us to hopefully add extra blue sky features.

It kinda feels like when you crunch to finish a college project, just before getting a surprise extra week to work on it. Very rare. Very awesome.


This little 1/5 scale model model sits behind its full scale pieces, all cut and ready for assembly. There are 42 total pieces in the sculpture. Intentional number? You know me.

Head over to the official page for the Growth project if you’re interested in reading a more thorough project overview!

We’re also looking for sponsors of all shapes and sizes! Please let me know if someone you know is interested and able in helping to fund the project!

I'm Craig, a dedicated young designer with no shortage of side projects and creative endeavors on my to-do list. This blog is an output of sharing my process, musings and creations with you.