May 12, 2014
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Meet Zack Sittler, Design Intern


Zack Sittler was a student in the course I taught at Champlain College this Spring, a Graphic Design major entering his senior year. Through his previous work as a woodworker & furniture builder in NYC, he has gained an appreciation for craft and attention to detail which has carried over in his work and aspirations as a designer.

I’ve brought Zack on board to work with Justin Kuzma and I in our studio to work on a multitude of different projects this summer.

"Through interning with Craig, I’m excited to blend physical and digital mediums, learn new platforms to work with, and get great experience in a professional environment."

We’ve already hit the ground running, working together on pre-construction for the new illumifeet project installed in NYC last week, as well as branding for an upcoming food truck / roadside restaurant in California.

It’s going to be a fun & busy summer. Welcome aboard, Zack.

May 5, 2014
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Inspiration – Coldplay’s Live Ghost Stories


I’ve long been a fan of Coldplay’s ability to create incredible performances, each tour era growing and evolving through adding unique elements.

During the last song of their SXSW show, they teased an interactive turntable interface & laser bass, and since then I’ve been super intrigued by what they have in the works…



In a very honest four-part interview about Coldplay’s upcoming album, Ghost Stories, Chris Martin talks about a 360-degree live experience involving a round stage with lit dome they wanted to tour with, but it wasn’t financially realistic at $4 million a show. 

Instead, they’ve produced it as a TV special to enable it to be shared with a larger group of people.

The content of this record is deeply personal. Chris explains: "It starts off seeming like a heartbreak record, it’s actually not– it’s a joyful realization that you can’t escape what life is going to throw at you. So just enjoy it."


I’ve been fortunate to see Coldplay live 9 times now, a majority of which supported with fond memories while volunteering with Oxfam America.

Tonight, I’m seeing them perform at the Beacon Theatre to push that number into double digits. I can’t wait to take part in this new, personal, positive experience they’ve been working on.

"Life is beautiful, in all its colours, even the darker ones – they’re here for a reason. Let’s celebrate the good moments while they’re happening and be grateful for everything."

–Chris Martin on themes behind upcoming record Ghost Stories.

May 2, 2014
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Process shots of illumifeet, NYC install starts Monday!

It’s been an insane week pulling this project together, here’s a few shots from the construction process…

Install begins first thing next week in SoHo!

illumifeet will be on display near Wooster & Spring St in NYC this summer May through July!

Apr 27, 2014
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'illumifeet' returns May – July in NYC!


This time last year, amidst the success of the illuminimal project, artist-driven footwear startup BucketFeet approached me about expanding the concept into a storefront display, which became an interactive installation called illumifeet.

Bucketfeet recently announced a summer pop-up store in the heart of Soho, where I’ll be reimagining illumifeet for a new location, with all new designs, for three whole months.

I’m very excited.

Here’s a first look for what’s in the works this time around…


In other news, I’m officially a BucketFeet Artist! Stayed tuned for the latest, but word is these should hit shelves this fall…


Keep your eyes tuned here, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to follow along with the rapid process leading up to our install, the first week of May!

If you don’t want to miss a thing, subscribe for email updates!

Apr 15, 2014
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Mixtape No.1 – Positive Brooding


For a while now I’ve been collecting songs, gathering them into playlists, and I think it’s time I start sharing.

A year or two ago, was an incredible source of music inspiration that I listened to heavily but never had the chance to contribute to. Their curated, design-focused mixtapes had 10 tracks and custom artwork. After a year hiatus, they’re finally rebooting, and I’m excited. 

In true style, this first mixtape of mine is 10 tracks with custom album art, titled “Positive Brooding.” A collective of songs I’ve been into lately, this playlist embodies productivity through darkness. The feeling of disappearing into the night while everyone else is asleep and coming out with an amazing piece of work.

Mixtape No.1 – Positive Brooding

'The Wheel' – SOHN
'Fall In Love' – Phantogram
'Strangling You With the Cord' – Lapalux
'Hat Trick' – Empress Of
'Arabella' – Arctic Monkeys
'Doses & Mimosas' – Cherub
'About You' – xxyyxx
'Waiting Game' – Banks
'The Mother We Share' – CHVRCHES
'Miasma Sky' – Baths

Listen on Spotify or Rdio

Apr 14, 2014
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Logo created for Stereo Image, a recording studio started in Burlington, VT by ZX audio collaborator Nicholas Giordani.

This matte black, full door graphic was the most technical vinyl installation I’ve done to date, and I’m really proud of how it came out.

The threshold this graphic creates sets the tone for Stereo Image’s sense of quality, and an inspiring space I’ve seen Nick carefully curating first-hand over the past few months. 

Apr 9, 2014
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Synesthesia on a Snowy Evening

Huge thanks to the great people over at Leap Motion for writing this great blog feature on our project ZX!


When Craig Winslow and Justin Kuzma paint interactive digital media directly onto the physical world, your senses feast in unexpected ways. Last fall, they delivered Growth, an immersive forest of trees you could manipulate and command with your hands in the air. Their most recent…

Read the full post on their blog.

(Source: leapmotion)

Apr 2, 2014
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ZX Concept Video – 3D Color & Sound


Here it is, the long-awaited ZX concept video. This first iteration of ZX starts with a minimal geometric form, built upon with explorative three-dimensional color & an accompanying interactive soundscape.

Through use of sight & sound we are able to define the intangible limits of interaction above the Leap Motion, while also encouraging upward movement & kinetic/sonic exploration. Future versions of ZX will iterate on functionality, levels of engagement, & interactivity.


We decided to take a different approach this time, focusing in on a simple function (3D color + sound exploration) and produce a concept video interviewing collaborators and sharing our process.

For the curious, here’s a recording of what the installation sounds like.

Craig Winslow – DESIGN
Justin Kuzma – INTERACTION
Nicholas Giordani – SOUND

Special thanks to Champlain College for help making this exploration possible, Leap Motion for their interest & support, and Friends of Friends + Groundislava for music usage of a perfect track for the video.

More at

Feb 20, 2014
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DPG Custom Display Making-of Timelapse


Last month we designed, fabricated, & installed this custom illuminated display booth for DPG in Boston.

You can find some photos of the finished product on my site.


During the final construction of the project, less than a week before it was due in Boston, we needed to change our construction location. Here’s a little timelapse video from those last few crazy days to pull it all together!

Justin Kuzma did an excellent job as usual with electrical, engineering, and helping me with fabrication, as did our production intern Meredith.

Special thanks goes out to Nicholas Giordani (Sound Designer of ZX) who collaborated with me to co-create audio for my new logo animation, as well as an original track for this video.

Feb 3, 2014
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ZX - New project launch this Friday only!


ZX: Explore an interactive, collaborative, indoor/outdoor audiovisual experience. Your hand movements unknowingly intertwine with someone else’s voice to co-create a dynamic audio & visual immersive.

This 10-foot tall installation is designed to be weather proof, easily transportable installation for multiple locations, so expect to see more of this form iterated on in the future. ZX is built using Processing, Modul8, & MadMapper, with interaction made possible with the Leap Motion Controller.

The first installation kicks off this Friday at Champlain College’s Perry Hall at 5:30pm and I’m very proud to be a featured alumnus for the event. 

Collaborators include:
Justin Kuzma – Interaction Developer
Nicholas Giordani – Sound Designer

After an incredibly busy January, I’m looking forward to taking next week to reflect, catch up on a hefty backlog of blog posts, and get new content ready for my new site launch!

I’m beyond excited for what 2014 holds. -Craig

I'm Craig, a dedicated young designer with no shortage of projects and creative endeavors on my to-do list. This blog is an output of sharing my process, musings and creations with you.